We are dedicated to the continual improvement of our environmental performance with eco-efficiency at the heart of our business. By reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources and energy as well as minimizing waste, we aim to be at the forefront of the drive towards a more sustainable industry.

We offer and promote usage of ‘green’ (eco-friendly) cementitious materials such as Fly Ash, Slag and Microsilica which are industry by-products. Such materials significantly help in environmental conservation, energy saving and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. We further employ re-usable and bulk packaging wherever possible. In our real estate development business, we consciously use ‘green’ (eco-friendly) concrete and other products to minimize negative environmental impact. We endeavour to optimize supply chain efficiencies to reduce fuel wastage and emissions. Moreover, we have undertaken re-naturation in and around our facilities and projects to preserve bio-diversity.

We have also adopted the ‘green office’ model to enhance our eco-efficiency through various thoughtful initiatives like installing energy-saving lights, digitizing and reducing paper-usage, encouraging environmentally-efficient transportation such as car pools, public transport, etc., using bio-degradable materials/ products, minimizing and recycling waste.


Technical Analysis

Chemical, physical and radioactivity analysis of products as well as performance testing in concrete to evaluate suitability for specific applications or projects.


Concrete Consultancy

Development and review of concrete mix-design as per project and grade requirements, along with recommendations and supply of materials; right mix ratios, designs and placement of mix; cost optimization; testing and evaluation of concrete performance, durability and service life. Development of quality control manuals, production, operations and handling manuals for ready mix concrete as well as site inspections and quality assurance can also be done.


Material handling, bulk storage design and logistical solutions for projects and large customers as well as by-product producers. This also includes ‘route to market’ such as safe and efficient truck loading of trucks, shipping, and other bulk solutions such as the use of ISO-Veyors and bulk filling of containers, break bulk and bulk shipments.

Market Feasibility and Technical Consultancy

Market feasibility and technical consultancy for by-products arising from the coal-fired power stations and steel industries.We can help is setting up of grinding plants, bagging and de-bagging plants as well as logistics infrastructure. Blending of cementitious products in cement plants to leverage existing facilities – resulting in new products, increased volumes and lower cost to market, enhanced concrete properties and reduced CO2 footprint. Special plant designs can also be developed for blended products.

Ash Benefaction Technologies

Advanced Ash benefaction technologies can be offered to coal-fired thermal power stations for ash capture and processing:

  • Ash conditioning
  • Ash classification
  • Carbon and ammonia removal
  • High carbon return to power stations
  • Blending technologies
  • Drying technologies for slag and ash

Total Ash Management

Aceton offers ‘Total Ash Management’ solutions to coal-fired thermal power stations to help them recycle and utilize all by-products such as Fly Ash, Furnace Bottom Ash and Pond Ash. With a partnership driven value-sharing approach, we offer a number of solutions based on successful global benchmarks such as ScotAsh:

  • Designing, engineering, operating and maintaining ash collection and handling systems as well as storage infrastructure
  • Managing health, safety and environmental compliance, including landfill and ash-pond management
  • Developing ash beneficiation systems and technologies
  • New product development
  • Product testing and analysis, quality control and assurance services
  • Marketing and sales of ash and ash-based products for cementitious and non-cementitious applications
  • Local and export logistics
  • Managing man power and training

Such an approach helps power station reduce landfill, realize value from ash and comply with environmental regulations for ash utilization.