Manufacturing Process

Gypsum powder it doesn’t require any water curing. It gives high quality Finish. And also has a good bonding, without any crack. Natural Gypsum is normally only screened to remove ‘fines’ (mainly mudstones), then crushed and finely ground for various applications. Excellent fire Protection.

  • Cost Effective
  • Natural & Eco Friendly
  • Painter Friendly Finish
  • Durable & Long Life
  • More Coverage & Economical
  • Easy to Apply
  • Shipping in specialized bulk vessels
  • Eliminates big bagging and de-bagging operations
  • Increases supply chain efficiency
  • Avoids double handling and reduces end-to-end logistics costs as well as operational costs
  • More environment-friendly
  • Requires storage, loading and discharge infrastructure on both sides

Natural Gypsum

500,000 TPA